Precision Bombing Competition
NOON Oct 13th STARS Field – Pumpkin Pass

  • General RulesAll taxiing must be done LOS. Takeoff through landing must be done FPV.
  • Team EventMust have at least 1 pilot and 1 spotter.
  • ScoringTotal of points for 2 egg drop attempts. Points awarded for proximity to designated target. Additional points for successful landing. Points deducted for loss of aircraft. Points deducted for striking the collateral target.
Teams Start with a score of 0. Highest accumulated score after all attempts wins. Negative value scores allowed. Each attempt will cost the team points. Each egg dropped will cost the team points.

  • +100 Points for each direct hit
  • +30 Points for each within 6 feet of target
  • +20 Points each from 6-10 feet from target
  • -50 Points for direct hit to collateral target
  • -10 Points within 3 feet of collateral target
  • 10 Each attempt
  • -5 LOS Takeoff
  • -5 LOS Landing
  • -5 Each egg dropped

Example: Take off (-10), 2 eggs dropped (-5 x 2), 1 egg 4 ft from target (+30), 1 egg 8 ft from target (+20), landed goggles up (-5) = 15 points

Subject to change. AMA required.

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