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Buffalo Bando 2018
June 22, 2018 @ Buffalo RiverWorks

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Buffalo welcomes all drone pilots to compete in what will surely be the most unique event of 2018!


Grain elevators, old silos, abandoned rail… Buffalo’s past is reborn into an intense open 3D championship track. Not only do we have our epic feature track, but we have a huge indoor track for full sized quads as well as an incredible micro track.

No waiting burn packs… you are here to FLY!

Hosted by Buffalo RiverWorks. 3 Tracks, a city full of spectators, huge restaurant, brewery, boating, kayaks, pinball & arcade, all facilities all on site in the heart of Buffalo’s urbex waterfront!

RiverWorks Silo

Indoor Tech Track

40000 Square feet! This indoor track is spread across 2 hockey rinks. This is the track that pilots will be qualifying on all day Friday. A tighter more technical track, the best pilots will bring quads to match the track!

Quad Requirements
  • 2018 MultiGP Open Class
  • 25mw Video Transmitters
  • Left & Right Anntenas
  • Working Failsafe

Featuring the Bando Track

Epic silo diving track across a former industrial wasteland that has been transformed into a destination for Buffalo’s waterfront. Tight bando sections mixed with open sweeping turns, climbs and dives. Bring all the LIPO!

Quad Requirements
  • 2018 MultiGP Open Class
  • 25mw Video Transmitters
  • Left & Right Anntenas
  • Working Failsafe

Baby Bando Whoop Track

Indoor whoop class track goes all night! Possibly the most fun you’ll have interacting with the fans. Show off your skills in the beautiful show track in the center of RiverWorks. This track will be the hot spot after dark. Be ready to go all night!

Quad Requirements
  • 50g Max Weight
  • 25mw Video Transmitters
  • 1S Battery
  • Enclosed Props

Race Format

  • 2 Minute Heats
  • Finish Last Lap
  • Most Laps in Fastest Time
  • Pilots on Deck are Spotters
  • All day Friday on the Indoor Tech Track
  • Pilots will be assigned multiple time slots to fly their official heats
  • Pilots not currently qualifying may practice on the Bando Track
  • Ranking by best 3 consecutive laps
  • Finals will be held on Saturday at the Bando Track
  • Double elimination Rounds
  • First to 3 laps wins and remaining pilots finish current lap

Baby Bando Whoop Track will feature a variety of interactive races and games to delight the crowd throughout the weekend! Open to brushed 1S Whoop Class drones.

  • $103 Days
  • Family & Friends Pit Pass
    • Full Access to Pilot Pits
    • Full Access to Charging Tents
    • General Public Restricted from Flight Areas
  • Purchase
  • $100 - 1503 Days
  • Single Pilot Pass
    • Team Discounts Available
    • 3 Days | 3 Tracks
    • Friday Indoor Qualifying
    • Saturday Bando Finals
    • Sunday Morning Freestyle
    • All Access
  • Purchase
  • $FREEAll Days
  • Spectator
    • Family Friendly Events
    • Waterfront Restaurant
    • Lots of Summer Activities
    • Kayak Rentals
    • Drone Race Experience
  • Reserve

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